'You show the elders respect': Cement lorry driver stops vehicle in middle of the road to help elderly lady cross

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Richard Pallot

It was a heart-warming act of kindness from a man raised by his parents to ''show the elders respect''.

Witnessing an old woman's anxiety as she struggled to move the wheels of her trolley off the curb and make her way across a road, Malino Wilson came to her rescue.

He did not think twice about stopping his cement mixer in the middle of a busy road, leaping out of his cab and picking up her shopper.

Mr Wilson then walked beside the frail lady until she safely reached the other side of the road.

Unknown to Mr Wilson, his thoughtful gesture was being filmed by another lorry driver, Dave Woollaston, who was driving through Birmingham at the same time.

He posted the clip online and it has since been shared and viewed thousands of times and seen Mr Wilson praised for his selfless gesture.

Speaking to ITV News, a modest Mr Manilo said he hoped others would follow his example.

He said: ''That's just in my nature, to help people and stuff like that.

''Our parents, all the time, teach us you show the elders respect.''

The former serviceman in the British Army said his first thoughts were: ''The rest of the traffic was going to have to wait, because I'm going to get out of the truck and help her cross.

"She had a trolley, but... she couldn't get the wheels pushing, she didn't have enough strength.

"So I helped... and made sure she crossed the road safely.

''I didn't even know someone was recording the video.''

Reflecting upon his actions, Mr Wilson said: ''Having manners, being polite and stuff like that, it don't cost a penny and it's true.

''I think people should be looking at the video and taking example and do these kind of stuff, honestly.''

Mr Wilson said the lady who he helped, thanked him afterwards.

Mr Wilson was driving a lorry for international cement firm Cemex.

A spokesman for Cemex said: 'Health and safety is visible in many forms in CEMEX, but this act demonstrates that it is at its most effective when it comes from our heart.'