Donald Trump brandishes 'secret' US-Mexico agreement to journalists

Donald Trump has inadvertently revealed part of his "secret" agreement with Mexico aimed at controlling illegal immigration into the US.

As he spoke to journalists on Wednesday, Mr Trump brandished a piece of paper which contained details of an agreement with Mexico designed to limit tariffs if the country can better control migration into the US.

While the president did not speak about the contents of the document, photographers were able to take images of the piece of paper, which revealed some of the proposals.

The US president, who has threatened to introduce tariffs against Mexico over its alleged failure to stop illegal immigrants from entering the country, did not reveal the text, but pictures of the document Trump was holding up have been circulated. Credit: AP

Despite Mr Trump's insistence the plan was "secret", Mexico has also released some of the details of the agreement, which appear to marry up with the document Mr Trump was holding aloft.

Last week, Mexico signed a pact agreeing to control the flow of migrants from Central America, including a plan to deploy 6,000 members of a new national force along its border with Guatemala.

Last week, Mexico signed a pact agreeing to control the flow of migrants from Central America. Credit: AP

Mr Trump had agreed to a 45-day time-frame to prove Mexico has been effective in controlling illegal immigration.

If the agreement fails, Mexico said it would consider becoming a "safe third country". This would allow migrants to claim asylum to the US in Mexico - something which the Central American country has refused to do.

Foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard said: "Safe third country could be applied if we fail, and we accept what they say."

The piece of paper which Trump waved at reporters laid out a "regional approach to burden-sharing in relation to the processing of refugee status".

It also mentioned "45 days" and said Mexico agreed to examine its laws regarding the introduction an agreement on asylum seekers into the US.