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The Who frontman Roger Daltrey 'would hate to have to break into today's music industry'

  • Video report by ITV News Arts Editor Nina Nannar

Rock legend Roger Daltrey has told ITV News he'd hate to break into today's music industry, simply because there are too many acts vying for attention.

The Who frontman, who famously sang Pinball Wizard in the rock opera 'Tommy' 50 years ago is back to announce it is being re-released on Friday.

This time it will be a recording made with an orchestra, giving it a new lease of life for an album hailed a classic - and made at a time when the music industry was very different from today's.

Speaking to Nina Nannar, he said: "It's very difficult to know how to promote records these days, in the way that my age group are used to.

"It was word of mouth, let's make something happen. I'd hate to be a young artist trying to break through in today's industry because the canvas is so full, the soundscape is so full of music. And everyone wants it for free."

He credits his survival of his rock and roll days with not following his bandmates with their drink and drug addictions, stating: "It was tough, somebody had to be straight."

Speaking on the feud between Oasis' Gallagher brothers, he offered some advice to the pair urging them to make up before it's too late.