The Duke of Sussex will celebrate 70 years of the Commonwealth when he attends a garden party with young people who are deemed to be making a difference in the world.

Harry will meet a survivor of sexual violence from Samoa, and a Nigerian who has created apps to help improve education for children and young adults in Africa.

Leilua Lino, who created a peace garden designed to support others who have experienced similar trauma to the sexual abuse she faced, and Elizabeth Kperrun, who is behind the educational mobile learning apps, are among the winners of the inaugural Commonwealth Secretary General’s Innovation for Sustainable Development Awards.

They will join other winners, who have been awarded in the categories of people, planet, prosperity, peace and partnership, at the garden party at Marlborough House in London on Friday.

As Commonwealth Youth Ambassador, one of Harry’s roles is to work to create links between young people and youth leaders and encourage them to use Commonwealth platforms to address the social, economic, and environmental challenges of their generation.

The awards celebrate the most outstanding young people from any of the 53 Commonwealth countries and the winners are people considered to be developing solutions to tackle international challenges in areas such as human rights, women’s empowerment and climate change.

Harry will also meet representatives from a cross-section of Commonwealth organisations, and groups of young people who are said to be making significant contributions to the future of the Commonwealth.