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Cyclists share their pictures of worst cycle lanes in UK

A cyclist in London uses a designated cycle lane, but they are not all as well designed across the country. Credit: PA

Former Olympic cyclist now Cycling Commissioner for Greater Manchester Chris Boardman has said the country has “substandard” cycling lanes and more needs to be done to make cyclists feel safe.

Cyclists and road users alike have been sharing pictures of some of the impractical infrastructure in their areas.

  • Sheffield

In Sheffield, there may be a contender for smallest cycle lane in Britain, however it does have competition.

'Britain's smallest bike lane?' Credit: @NaturalMessiah

This picture was taken in London two years ago.

'London's shortest cycle lane?' Credit: @ianvisits
  • Greenwich, London

At a business park in Greenwich, cyclists encounter street signs in the middle of their lane.

Greenwich, Millennium Business Park. Credit: @guidoacasa
  • Belfast

While on the Ormeau Road in south Belfast, cyclists have to cope with a bus shelter blocking their way.

This bus lane in south Belfast is interrupted by a bus shelter. Credit: @jamesgordon89
  • Cookstown, Co Tyrone

These cycle lanes left one person baffled in Co Tyrone. They wrote: "This is the entire cycle lane. I cannot figure it out at all."

'This is the entire cycle lane. I cannot figure it out at all.' Credit: @IRLPatricia
  • Hebburn, South Tyneside

This cycle lane ends abruptly at a grass verge in the town of Hebburn.

'One of my favourites in Hebburn,Tyneside.' Credit: @gazza_d
  • London

While Transport for London (TfL) is aiming for 80% of journeys made in London to be on a bike by 2041, it appears the infrastructure still has a way to go.

'London's finest cycle lane.' Credit: @SamHodges