Basebrawl: Fight breaks out among parents at children's baseball game, leaving several injured

Seven-year-old baseballers had their school game ruined by fighting parents and coaches storming onto the field.

The melee broke out at Westgate Elementary in Lakewood, Colorado, where police say several people were left injured.

Unhappy with a baseball game officiated by an umpire aged just 13, parents took over the field on Saturday and began trading blows in front of other shocked parents who stayed behind the fence.

The shocking brawl was filmed by a stunned onlooker repeatedly saying “this cannot happen”.

Police are looking for information, especially on a man wearing a white shirt and teal shorts. Credit: @LakewoodPDCO

Local police, who shared the footage of the fight, are looking for a man in white shirt and teal shorts.

Police said: “We're looking for any information on this melee, but in particular the identity of the suspect in the white shirt and teal shorts.

“Several people have already been cited in this fight and several injuries were reported.”

It’s not clear if the game continued.