Prince Charles meets 007 actor Daniel Craig on tour of James Bond set

Prince Charles met 007 today - well, almost.

The heir to the throne was greeted by Bond actor Daniel Craig during a tour of Pinewood Studios, where the latest installment of the franchise is being filmed.

The prince also met Ralph Fiennes and actress Naomie Harris during his visit to set, and was pictured posing next to some of the spy's most famous cars.

During a tour of the studios, at Iver Heath in Buckinghamshire, the prince took time to explore the Cuba set of the upcoming movie - Bond 2025.

He also shared his knowledge of the Bond franchise whilst talking to members of the cast and crew - discussing what they had been been filming ahead of his visit.

He was pictured exploring a venue known as Palacio Velazquez - just months after his groundbreaking visit to the country.

Prince Charles met members of the crew on the film's set. Credit: PA

The prince was also seen talking to British Film Institute apprentices who are helping out as members of crew on the upcoming film.

Daniel Craig only recently returned to set after suffering an injury.

The 51-year-old actor was injured in May, adding to the tally of injuries he's had since taking on the role.

Craig reportedly lost two teeth of his teeth shooting a stunt for Casino Royale. But that wasn't the end of his ails, he had a finger tip cut off during shooting for Quantum of Solace, and hurt his knee in a fight scene for Spectre.

Prince Charles met the Bond actor on the film's set. Credit: PA