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The moment quick-thinking policeman pulls crying girl to safety from burning home through small basement window

A quick-thinking policeman in Missouri saved a crying three-year-old girl and her grandmother trapped in a house fire through a small basement window.

Police Officer Daniel Rodriguez was the first on the scene in Hazelwood, a city in St Louis County, on Friday morning to reports of a house fire.

The entire first floor was in flames, but he could hear cries for help coming from the basement.

A window into the basement was small and could not be opened fully, so Officer Rodriguez kicked through the glass to pull the little girl to safety.

Police Officer Rodriguez pulled the little girl to safety. Credit: Hazelwood Police

With the help of a neighbour, he ran back to the basement to free the grandmother, who was the last person left in the house.

Hazelwood Police Department posted on Facebook: “Great job to P.O. Rodriguez for an awesome response to an intense situation!

“Who knows how this story could have ended without your quick actions!”

Firefighters put the fire out and treated the young girl and her grandmother with medical care – although neither needed to go to hospital.