England defender Demi Stokes says team is closer together after Cameroon controversy

England defender Demi Stokes said the debacle around the Cameroon World Cup clash has brought the team closer together.

Cameroon werewidely criticised for their poor behaviour during the knock-out game, at one point refusing to restart the game after a VAR decision went against them.

However, Manchester City defender Stokes said the incident has brought the Lionesses closer together, and praised their behaviour during a challenging match.

Demi Stokes said the team is closer after the match against Cameroon. Credit: ITV News

She told ITV News: "I think it was the right thing what we did.

"We stayed calm, and the rest will take care of itself and it will be dealt with elsewhere.”

She added the team is a “close knit group anyway” and that their conduct sent a “good message” to youngsters.

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Cameroonian players argued with the referee. Credit: PA

England ran out 3-0 winners over a frustrated Cameroon side to set up a quarter-final tie with Norway.

The African side, angered by decisions that went England's way - particularly a disallowed goal - confronted the referee, argued with their own coach and for a time refused to play on.

Ajara Nchout, whose goal was ruled out, told ITV News the behaviour of the Cameroon players did not cross a line.

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She said: ''No, I don't regret anything. Because we played for our country, we love our country. We need to give everything.''

Cameroon were once again aggrieved by VAR after seeing their goal early in the second half ruled out for a marginal offside.

Nchout fired the ball into England's net and a VAR review saw that effort chalked off for offside.

The game was held up once more as Cameroon made further angry protests, with Nchout in tears.

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The game was paused while the referee tried to regain control.

Cameroon player Michaela Abam told ITV News, it was a highly-charged match.

She said: ''It's a sign of emotion. And when it happens and you have a game like that, it's kind of hard.''

Ajara Nchout was particularly upset when her goal was ruled out. Credit: PA