Thousand person light show sparkles to find 'missing' RAF veterans

One thousand people have taken part in a spectacular light show aimed at finding thousands of veterans who may benefit from a newly-launched RAF Benevolent Fund campaign.

The giant "human radar", which was created by serving and former RAF personnel, air cadets and their families, was part of a push to get thousands of veterans "back on the radar".

The campaign, "Join the Search. Change a Life", is hoping to highlight the RAF Benevolent Fund's search for those who served and may now need support.

The light show was created using LED wristbands which lit up the crowd, turning it into a pulsing, sweeping radar, before changing colour and transforming into the familiar RAF badge.

RAF veterans who have benefited from the fund were situated in the 'heart' of the circle. Credit: The RAF Benevolent Fund

In the "heart" of the circle were beneficiaries who have been helped by the fund in the past, including former sergeant Bob Greig, 59, who joined the RAF in 1979.

The event, timed to coincide with the fund’s centenary, was filmed from above using a drone, and choreographed to the RAF Regiment Band.

Air vice-marshal David Murray, CEO of the fund, said: “In our centenary year, we want to reach the veterans and their dependents who need help now, before it’s too late.

"Many of these older people took part in National Service, where they were called upon to serve their country."

He added: "The RAF Benevolent Fund wants to get these people back onto the radar, and we aim to almost double the number of people we help – from 53,000 to at least 100,000 over the next three years."