Things are getting worse for LGBT people, says Labour MP Angela Eagle after making tearful speech about schools protests

In the latest episode of our podcast Acting Prime Minister, ITV News Political Correspondent Paul Brand speaks to Labour MP Angela Eagle.

Ms Eagle was the first openly gay female MP when she came out in 1997. On Tuesday, she appeared close to tears during a Commons speech as she challenged those protesting against LGBT equality teaching, insisting: “We aren’t going to get back in the closet.”

She tells Paul she fears that things are getting worse, not better, for LGBT people following the protests against the lessons and recent homophobic attacks in London and Liverpool. In the the podcast, Ms Eagle shares her message to LGBT people who might be thinking whether their sexuality might hold them back in life: "It won't hold you back...but things can go backwards as well as forwards. Don't take our freedoms for granted. Get out and organise any resistance to any single backward step."

Also in the podcast, Ms Eagle reveals who she would have in her fantasy cabinet, the world leader she would call first - and who out of Donald Trump or Boris Johnson would she rather go to dinner with...

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