Father of London Bridge skateboard hero re-enacts final moments and tells the world what they can learn from his son

"I want the world to remember Ignacio as a good man, who knew that it was more important to take care of others rather than to worry about taking care of himself," Joaquin Echeverria says of his son.

Ignacio Echeverria's father re-enacts the final moments of his son's life, fighting one of the London Bridge terrorists with his beloved skateboard, a memento Joaquin keeps pride of place in his Madrid home.

Joaquin spoke to ITV News in the Spanish capital as he and the relatives of other victims await the verdict of the London Bridge terror attack inquest.

His banker son, who had moved to London a year previously to be closer to his sister and nephew, was cycling home with friends after a day skateboarding on South Bank when he saw Marie Bondeville and Oliver Dowling being attacked with a knife by Rachid Redouane.

  • Joaquin reenacts his son attacking a terrorist

Ignacio got off his bike and ran towards the terrorist, using his skateboard as a weapon but he fell to the floor after being stabbed, and was subsequently attacked on the ground by Redouane and Youssef Zaghba.

"No-one else, watching four policeman running (past him) would have run in to join the fight," Joaquin told ITV News.

It was Ignacio's selflessness that cost him his life but he is credited with saving those of four others thanks to his efforts to engage the terrorists.

While Ignacio was stricken on the ground Dr Jonathan Moses left a nearby restaurant to attend to the injured but despite the best efforts of the doctor and others, Ignacio died of a cardiac arrest.

"We want to meet him, we are very keen to see him particularly my wife, she needs to see this man and to thank him," Joaquin says of Dr Moses.

"We feel huge gratitude (for him) and we know that he did everything that he could do and therefore we are tremendously grateful and we don't want him to be sad."

Ignacio's George Medal. Credit: PA

The three attackers were shot dead by armed police nine minutes after the attack began, in which time they had killed eight people.

Ignacio was awarded The George Medal for his actions on the fateful night in June 2017 but his dad hopes the attention he is given for his heroism can be spread across all those who merit it.

"I want the world to value kindness," an emotional Joaquin says.

"There are good people, many good people who have made acts of great generosity but not all of them are done against threats and so I want to think that all the credit that Ignacio gets can also be given to all the good people who also deserve it but don't receive it."