Toddler in Turkey caught moments before hitting pavement after building fall

A toddler in Turkey had a miraculous escape after falling from a building in Istanbul as she was caught by a teenager.

Feuzi Zabaat saw little Dora Muhammed looking like she was about to fall from the building and positioned himself underneath before catching her close to the ground.

The entire incident was caught on CCTV from a nearby building.

Feuzi Zabaat with Dora. Credit: AP

"I was walking down the road when I saw a two year-old girl hanging from a window. I walked closer to her, and as she fell I held on to her," Zabaat explained.

The teenager from Algeria was rewarded for his heroic actions with a reward of 200 Turkish lira (£27.20).

Dora's father Yusuf said: "May God bless you. (unintelligible) Thank you very much."