Junior doctor who saved lives during London Bridge attack says he couldn't allow those injured 'to be alone'

A doctor who rushed to save lives during the London Bridge terror attack says he could not stand by and watch people die - he wanted to do anything he could to help.

Jonny Moses, an off-duty junior doctor who had been in the job for 18 months, was having dinner in a restaurant in Borough Market when he heard screams from the street outside as people were attacked.

He told ITV News his first thought was "I just didn't want them to be alone", and the events of that night stayed with him long after the attack.

The inquest heard Dr Moses managed to save the life of Marie Bondville, who was stabbed nine times.

He he also battled to save another victim, Ignacio Echeverria, who died at the scene.

Ignacio Echeverria died in the London Bridge attack.

The Spaniard was hailed a hero after he used his skateboard to fend off the terrorists as they attacked others.

He had only been living in London for a year and a half when he was killed.

He was among eight members of the public who lost their lives when three men drove a van into crowds then engaged in a stabbing spree around London Bridge.

The emergency service response on the fateful night. Credit: PA

As Ignacio lay injured, Dr Moses went to his aid, giving CPR and shouting for a defibrillator and oxygen.

The junior doctor and a group of other people then carried casualties, including the Spaniard, to the north side of London Bridge where ambulances where waiting - away from the attackers and further danger.

He was then told by a senior doctor to try one more round of CPR before the defibrillator said there was no signs of life.

Ignacio was pronounced dead shortly after.

Jonny said: "I remember just having this overwhelming urge to cry."

Jonny said the events of the attack have stayed with him.

The inquest has heard one woman survived because of the treatment he gave, he also treated Christine Delcros, the partner of another victim Xavier Thomas, after she sustained life changing injuries.

He said: "Did I do the right thing? Did I make the right decision? It was on my mind so much."

Ignacio's family have praised Jonny's heroic actions on that night.

His father Joaquin Echeverria, told ITV News: "We want to meet him. We are very keen to see him particularly my wife, she needs to see this man and to thank him.

"We feel huge gratitude [for him] and we know that he did everything that he could do and therefore we are tremendously grateful and we don't want him to be sad.

"We want him to be happy because he did what he could do and a person who does that has to be happy with himself. We want him to be happy."

Jonny told ITV News he would like to meet Ignacio's parents after they said they'd like to meet the hero who tried to save their son.