The heatwave: A one day wonder?

Sizzle sizzle - it's barbecue weather. Credit: PA

Sizzle sizzle. Have you got your sun cream and barbecues ready? As temperatures are set to soar today.

The jet stream is often held responsible for our wetter weather but this week its enhanced flow and shape has enabled hot air to surge out of the Sahara and into Europe.

Our airflow pattern blocked this heat across the continent initially, but as the wind direction changed it's open the gates to the sizzling continental air - for a brief, one day heatwave.

We're expecting temperatures of around 34C (93.2F) today, making it our hottest June day since the remarkably hot week during Royal Ascot in June 2017 - which was our hottest June weather since the heatwave of 1976.

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Tonight, temperatures are unlikely to slide much below 20C (68F) and it'll remain warm, humid and stuffy - meaning a restless night's sleep for many.

Then tomorrow, it's all change once more.

Relatively cooler air will drift in from the Atlantic, bringing thunderstorms and a slightly more comfortable conditions.

It will stay pleasant, however, with temperatures reaching 25C to 26C (77F to 78.8F) - just in time for Wimbledon.