Sir David Attenborough makes surprise appearance at Glastonbury festival

Sir David Attenborough has made a surprise appearance on Glastonbury's Pyramid stage, where he praised the festival for banning single use plastic.

The broadcaster and naturalist used the apperance to introduce a four-minute prequel video for his new series, Seven Worlds, One Planet.

Huge crowds gathered ahead of Kylie Minogue's performance at the festival, being held on Worthy Farm in Somerset, to see Attenborough speak/

The veteran broadcaster received large cheers from the packed crowd on the festival's main stage as he spoke about combating plastic pollution.

He said the decision by festival organisers to not to use single use plastic bottles had saved more than one million bottles of water from being drunk.

Attenborough described how the oceans made up two-thirds of the planet, with the remaining third made up of seven continents.

He added: "We all belong to a continent after all, we all share planet Earth.

The trailer for the series begins with a shot of Sir David standing on a beach, looking out over rolling waves.

The 93-year-old's distinctive voice can be heard saying: "Planet Earth has seven extraordinary continents, each one unique, each one full of life.

He continues: "This is the story of those seven worlds.

"We will see how life developed on each continent and so gave rise to the extraordinary and wonderful diversity we know today and we will see why this precious diversity is being lost".

BBC One will premiere Seven Worlds, One Planet later this year.