Arrogance or confidence? Alex Morgan's World Cup celebration divides football fans

Alex Morgan celebrates making it 2-1 for USA against England. Credit: PA

Alex Morgan's "tea drinking" celebration after scoring the winner for the USA against England has certainly divided opinion among football fans.

The World Cup finalists were derided by some for their over-zealous celebrations after they thrashed Thailand 13-0 in their opening game of the tournament.

However The New York Post's front page hailed their team's antics against the Lionesses, with the opening line: "Not since Boston dumped it in the sea has England been dissed with tea like this."

Alex Morgan's celebration made the front page of the New York Post. Credit: New York Post

Even former Democratic presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton joined in the celebrations, writing: "Congrats to the #USWNT for earning that tea. On to the final!"

However the celebration has not been so well received in England.

England forward Lianne Sanderson certainty wasn't a fan. While working as a pundit on BeIn Sports, she said: "I’m a big believer in the Americans and how they celebrate, but for me that’s a little disrespectful."

The FA's head of women's football, Baroness Sue Campbell, said she was "disappointed" by Morgan's celebration.

Speaking on Wednesday morning following England's defeat, she said: "I think we've displayed the behaviour that I would expect to see at world class level.

"You're on a stage where you're modelling for millions of kids who are watching you and tomorrow will go and model what you will do.

"The message we've given and the message our team has displayed is that we want to be the best role models possible. So I feel really disappointed that someone at this level behaves in that way."

Good Morning Britain host Piers Morgan took it a step further, saying his namesake's reaction was "bordering on a declaration of war".

Some thought it may have been a jibe relating to the Boston Tea Party, a key event in the lead-up to US independence from Great Britain.

"Alex Morgan at the Boston Tea Party, 1773. Oil on canvas," said one US football fan.

The US striker's antics sparked a wave of social media comments during and after the game.

Tosin Abayomi tweeted: "There is nothing disrespectful about Alex Morgan bringing out the Tea Cup. celebration, England are just bitter they lost to the USA."

Another wrote: "Alex Morgan with that cold celebration. An iced cold cup of tea."

Others complained about Morgan, who was celebrating her 30th birthday on the day of the semi-final clash, for "trolling" England.

One enraged fan said: "I'm over this USA team. That tea celebration was a disgusting act by Alex Morgan. And it's unfortunate FOX had that on their air LIVE. A disgusting act by Alex Morgan."

When asked about the celebration after the game, Morgan shrugged off the criticism and said it was in relation to everything "thrown" at them during their campaign.

She said: “I feel like we did not take an easy route through this tournament and ‘that is the tea’.”