Stella Creasy overhauls 'Hogwarts gone wrong' Parliament and ditches manifestos as Acting Prime Minister

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"I wouldn't have a manifesto, I'd have a set of five ambitions because you can't do everything."

Stella Creasy's plan for power is arguably more radical than most who have been offered the hypothetical keys to Number 10 by ITV News.

The young-at-heart Labour MP spoke to Political Correspondent Paul Brand for his podcast Acting Prime Minister from her office in Westminster filled with children's toys.

She explained why she would dramatically change the way Parliament - or "Hogwarts gone wrong" as she dubs it - goes about its business, explaining: "The way in which we run this country, the way in which we involve people doesn't work."

Stella Creasy talks Paul Brand through her plans to reform Parliament. Credit: ITV News

Instead, Cabinet cooperation would take on a new meaning in a Creasy administration, while officials would be urged to take a more sensitive approach to MPs as she recounts her difficult experiences of reporting her miscarriages to the Parliamentary authorities and being forced to prove "her worth" after becoming pregnant.

Ms Creasy, who has held the London constituency of Walthamstow since 2010 and served in Ed Miliband's frontbench team, has fun picking her fantasy cabinet, finding roles for a Star Wars character and historian Mary Beard - who she admits she'd like to go boozing with on the continent.

Stella Creasy recounted how her passion for social justice started early in life. Credit: ITV News

In the wide-ranging episode, she also addresses the serious issues of Labour's "purpose" under Jeremy Corbyn and the party's difficulties with racism, anti-Semitism and Islamophobia, while explaining how Nestle chocolate milk set her off for a life of campaigning.

And stay watching to see her explain why she happily fires at her constituents with Nerf guns.

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