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Radio listener organises for thank you card to be sent to favourite station after he passed away

The card was sent the radio station by a faithful listener. Credit: Steve Harris / Twitter

A faithful radio listener has thanked his favourite station for their company by arranging for a card to be sent after he passed away.

The listener, identified only as John, who is believed to be from Weymouth, had the card sent to the Dorchester office of BBC Radio Solent.

Breakfast show presenter Steve Harris tweeted a photograph of the card, saying: "Well, this has knocked our socks off at BBC Radio Solent.

"One of our most faithful listeners organised for a card to be sent to us after his death..."

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The thankful listener wrote a praising message inside the card, it reads:

"To All the Team,

"When you read this card I will have departed from this Earth.

"Just a message to thank all of you for all your programmes, full of local interest, news, travel, weather, interviews, brain teasers, music plus more general world news and sport since you started in July 2013.

"I hope your coverage will continue for many years to come.

"Thanks for everything, from John."

The thankful message is then signed off with three kisses.

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Resharing the message on social media, North Dorset MP Simon Hoare wrote: "What an incredible gesture.

"I’m sure you were all moved to receive it. It stresses the importance of local radio in all its guises."

The card is not the first time the station has been praised by its listeners.

In 2015, Southampton-based listener Bill Palmer called into the radio station to speak unprompted about how lonely he was.

Mr Palmer was then invited into the studio by presenter Alex Dyke, joining in with the rest of the afternoon's radio show.

His story was covered by media outlets around the world, including in the USA and Australia.

The BBC has faced criticism recently for its handling of free television licences for over 75s.

The broadcaster has been forced to axed an automatic right for older people to have free licences, instead revealing they will now be means tested. Campaign groups have urged the corporation to reverse the decision.