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Huge chain-reaction pile up as bikers racing down snowy glacier slip on 'Mountain of Hell'

A huge pile-up was caused when bikers racing down a snowy glacier in France slipped, starting a snowball of crashes involving dozens of cyclists.

There were around 700 brave bikers who embarked on the 25km Mountain of Hell race at the Les Deux Alpes ski resort in - and judging by the name of the event, crashes were inevitable.

A huge pile-up was caused by the inevitable crash. Credit: Seno

Due to the slippery conditions, it only took a few bikers to lose control before others, aiming to avoid the crash, skidded right into the pile-up.

Frenchman Kilian Bron reportedly won the event reaching speeds of about 125km per hour.

Around 700 cyclists competed in the 25km race and it's likely many of them came off their bikes. Credit: Seno

The moment of the crash was captured on the head-cam of a competitor.

Somehow there were no serious injuries reported.