Tonight investigates Boris Johnson and Jeremy Hunt's spending pledges and policy promises

The two men vying to be Britain's next prime minister have upped the ante on campaign spending promises - but do Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson's policies add up?

Or are they adding branches to the "magic money tree"?

It was the put-down phrase of choice for Conservatives at the last election, keen to frame Labour's spending plans as the stuff of fantasy.

Now the Tory leadership candidates have laid down billions and billions of pounds worth of promises over defence, education and housing themselves to appeal to party members.

But are they deliverable?

Jeremy Hunt and Boris Johnson have been brewing up plans for power. Credit: PA

ITV's Tonight has examined the domestic policy pledges and Brexit plans in the second of two programmes profiling the two men bidding to succeed Theresa May as party and national leader.

The programme hears from Mr Hunt and Mr Johnson's colleagues in Parliament, supporters in the Conservative Party and policy experts to find out what exactly their plans are for the country.

What will they be offering to elderly people in need of social care, to headteachers struggling to run rural schools or to small family businesses being priced out of the high street by rising business rates?

Tonight spoke to people across the country at the sharp end of government policy, to see if the race to be PM has been responding to their key concerns.

You can watch Who’s Our Next PM? Tonight on ITV at 7.30pm on Thursday 4 July.