A father has been jailed for nine years after he was found guilty of shaking his 15-week-old son to death.

Baby Cody Jones suffered fractured ribs and bleeds to the brain when Matthew Jones, 26, "lost it" after being left alone with the crying child for just one hour.

Jones did not mean to kill his child but did intend to cause his infant child "some harm", the court heard.

He had been left alone with his son Cody on December 7, 2016, at their home in Beaufort, Ebbw Vale, while his partner Paula Williams, who was described as the "perfect mother", visited her sister.

Jones became "frustrated" with Cody after he was unable to stop him from crying, which led him to grab and shake his son, Newport Crown Court heard.

Miss Williams returned home after Jones called her. She found Jones holding Cody, who had become "floppy".

Jones made a 999 call, telling an operator: “My baby’s breathing, but he’s lifeless. He is making noises, but he’s breathing really slow.”

Cody died at Abergavveny's Nevill Hall Hospital the following day, with scans showing he suffered fractured ribs and multiple haemorrhages, consistent with "shaking or impact" injuries.

Jones was accused of murder and he claimed during his trail he was cradling Cody when the baby pushed away from him and fell head first onto his cot.

Cody Jones died from injuries caused when he was shaken by his father Matthew Jones Credit: Gwent Police

The jury cleared him of murder but found him guilty of manslaughter last week.

Defending Jones, Richard Smith QC told the court his client "cared immensely" for Cody and had shown "genuine remorse".

Mr Smith said: “It was a young man who had been working extremely hard to provide for his family.

“It is clear from exchanges between him and Miss Williams the pair were exhausted and significantly lacking in sleep but were trying their very best between them to get through it.

“In that extreme tiredness his self control deserted him.”

Judge Mr Justice Simon Picken said Jones had not intended to kill Cody, but "lost it " after becoming frustrating at his failed attempted to stop his son's crying.

The judge said: “The tragedy is not just that Cody died but that you as his father find yourself where you are as a consequence of his death.

“You will bare the burden no doubt for the rest of your life.”

Jones was sentenced to nine years in jail.