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Headteachers warn of special needs education funding crisis

  • Video report by ITV News Social Affairs Editor Penny Marshall

Schools which cater for children with special education needs will run out of money within two years, if they do not get a cash injection, headteachers have warned.

The establishments have warned they will be running at a deficit by 2021, should the government not intervene.

The numbers of children with special needs has risen by 100,000 in the last year alone.

  • Headteachers warn "action" needed on funding crisis

In Birmingham there are 27 schoolsfor children who need extra help learning - all of them are at risk from financial pressures.

Class sizes are increasing as the numbers of permanent staff are falling.

Jon Harris, a headteacher of one of the schools, was moved close to tears as he explained the predicament the school is in.

He told ITV News: "We need something to happen to allow us to continue.

"That is action on a national and a local level."

  • Families' concern about funding deficit
Lyla's family are concerned about funding problems. Credit: ITV News

It's not just teachers that are concerned about the situation.

Tony Long, grandfather of four-year-old Lyla, said: "They need help.

"It's not her fault she's [got special needs].

"If any funding is cut, it would be awful."

The Government has accepted schools are under pressure, but said funding is at an all time high.