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Britain could be set for heatwave as school holidays begin

The weather looks good for the start of the summer holidays. Credit: PA

Britain could be baking in a heatwave as the school summer holidays begin next week.

But there is a danger of thunderstorms, heavy rain and localised flooding for some before the sunshine breaks through, forecasters say.

The hot spell is predicted to see temperatures reach up to 34C (93F) for parts of the UK early next week – but sunshine will be sandwiched between periods of rain and thunderstorms.

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After a tornado swept through Hale, near Manchester Airport on Friday – damaging buildings and cars – Britain’s stop-start summer is set to continue over the weekend.

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Across the south-east, north and west of England, rain is predicted today with more showers across Wales, Northern Ireland and central and eastern areas.

And heavy rain is expected across western Scotland on Sunday – which may lead to some localised flooding and travel disruption, according to the Met Office.

The weather warning for Scotland will remain in place into next week, but for England and Wales the weather is forecast to settle down with temperatures increasing from Sunday, with potentially a heatwave for much of the UK.

If temperatures stay high in the same spots for three consecutive days, the Met Office deems it a heatwave.

Chief Meteorologist at the Met Office Andy Page, said: “As we head into next week temperatures will increase daily across much of England and Wales as hot air is drawn up from France and Spain.

“Temperatures could reach 34°C by Wednesday in parts of central, southern or eastern areas and heatwave thresholds are likely to be reached in some places.”

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London is predicted to see temperatures peak at 32C (89.6F) on Wednesday, while on Tuesday the mercury could rise to 28C (82F) in Manchester, 30C (86F) in Bristol, and 29C (84F) in Birmingham and Brighton.

In Scotland and the north west of the UK, rain could be heavy later into next week – with periods of strong wind bringing a risk of coastal gales.

But in the south and south east, drier and warmer weather – which could be hot and humid at times – is predicted with the danger of thunderstorms.