An inflatable “Boris Blimp” has been launched in Parliament Square by anti-Brexit protesters.

Boris Johnson is widely expected to be named as winner of the Tory leadership contest on Tuesday, and is the protest’s main political target.

The Boris Blimp is readied for the protest. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA

The “No to Boris, Yes to Europe” demonstration will proceed from Mayfair’s Park Lane to Parliament Square in Westminster.

The blimp depicts a pink-faced, spiky-haired Boris Johnson. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA

The balloon is inspired by the “Baby Trump” blimp that mocked US President Donald Trump during his visit to the UK last month.

The Boris Blimp rises high ahead of the anti-Brexit march. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA

The inflatable version of the former foreign secretary is wearing a t-shirt emblazoned with a red bus and the figure “£350m” – a reference to Mr Johnson’s Brexit referendum promise of clawing back funding for the NHS.

The Blimp is 'wearing' a T-shirt with a depiction of the famous £350m Brexit bus claim. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA

Organisers are hoping that thousands will attend the latest march through the capital to protest at the prospect of Britain leaving the EU without a deal - while also hoping to stop Brexit altogether.

Thousands are expected to attend the protest. Credit: Aaron Chown/PA