Developing crisis with Iran dominates most of the front pages

Man on the Moon vies with tensions in the Gulf on the Telegraph. Credit: PA/Twitter

The front pages are filled with naval concerns at the start of the weekend.

Iran “seizes” a British ship, according to The Times, while the Daily Mail says it was a “hijack”.

The Guardian says Tehran’s actions have stoked tensions in the Gulf, with The Independent also reporting on the incident.

The situation also makes the front of The Daily Telegraph and the Daily Mirror says the Government is in “crisis talks”, which the Financial Times describes it as a “sharp escalation”.

Scamming pensioners costs British savers £4 billion, The Times reports, along with the tensions in the Strait of Hormuz.

The Sun says Tory leadership favourite Boris Johnson is planning to move his partner Carrie Symonds into Downing Street if he becomes prime minister.

Meanwhile, Conservative leadership is essential to delivering Brexit, Theresa May has told the Daily Express.