It's a cat-astrophe: Double murder police press conference hit by Facebook cat filter gaffe

The double murder press conference featuring a cat filter. Credit: Royal Canadian Mounted Police/Facebook

When you're appealing for help in catching a double killer, it's usually a very sombre affair - so best check you turn off Facebook filters.

Sergeant Janelle Shoihet, of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police, was fronting the press conference complete with cat ears, eyes and whiskers.

Viewers on the Facebook live stream were quick to point out that the subject matter was not exactly reflected in the fun filter.

Police later tweeted that the filter was inadvertently added and the video has since been removed from the British Columbia RCMP Facebook page.

The RCMP were appealing for help in the killings of 24-year-old North Carolina woman Chynna Noelle Deese and her 23-year-old Australian boyfriend, Lucas Robertson Fowler.

The young couple were a few days into a road trip through Canada when they were murdered.

Their bodies were found on July 15 on a remote road in British Columbia. It's not been revealed how the couple died.