UK on course for a heatwave with temperatures set to peak at 37C

A man relaxes on a deckchair in the sunshine in London. Credit: PA

The UK is on course for a heatwave this week as high pressure starts to drag in hot air from the near continent.

The heat will continue to build across the UK over the coming days, peaking at around 37C across parts of the south east on Thursday threatening both the July record and even the all time UK record!

A Heat Health Alert level 3 (the second highest level of warning) is currently in force across the UK.

Current records

  • Hottest day of 2019 so far is 34.0°C at Heathrow and Northolt on 29 June (likely to be broken on Wednesday and again Thursday)

  • Hottest UK July day on record is 36.7°C at Heathrow on 1 July 2015 (60% chance this will be broken on Thursday)

  • Hottest ever UK day on record is 38.5 °C at Faversham, Kent on 10 August 2003 (30% chance this will be broken)

Temperatures are set to reach 37C in the UK this week. Credit: ITV Weather

As well as the hot days we're in for some very warm and sticky nights. Temperatures in London especially on Tuesday night may stay above 24°C.

Current records are:

  • July overnight record is 23.3 °C on at St James Park on 29 July 1948

  • All time UK overnight record is 23.9 °C at Brighton on 3 August 1990

Despite the stabilising effect of high pressure, however, it's not going to be totally plain sailing with the risk of thunderstorms - particularly across the south west later Tuesday into Wednesday.

By Friday, as that area of high pressure pulls away, a more westerly airflow allows cooler, more unsettled Atlantic air to spill in. For some areas, this could lead to a drop in temperatures of at least 10C from Thursday to Friday.

You are advised to keep up to date with this developing situation and follow best-practice guidelines on keeping safe in the sun and heat.