Winners of the RHS Photographic Competition 2019 announced

Window of Autumn by Hasan Baglar taken in Nicosia, Cyprus Credit: Hasan Baglar

They are images which capture a moment in time.

But for judges of the RHS Photographic Competition, an aerial image of a meticulously organised community garden in Los Angeles, by California-based lensman Richard Caldwell, was deemed pick of the crop.

Urban Garden by Richard Caldwell taken in Laguna Woods in Orange County, California Credit: Richard Caldwell

A photo of a ruined building in Beirut which was taken using a smartphone was highly commended in the urban gardening category.

Silent Beirut, by Alessandro Rizzi, reveals nature reclaiming a ruined building in Lebanon, a remaining trace of the country’s troubled past.

Silent Beirut taken on a smartphone by Alessandro Rizzi. Credit: Alessandro Rizzi

For the plant enthusiasts, a picture depicting mushrooms won the "all about plants" category.

Mike Blacknell captured Mycena mushrooms growing from a decaying silver birch tree in Stoke Park Woods, Bishopstoke, Hampshire.

A clean, blurry background helps the mushroom plant stand out. Credit: Mike Blacknell

Jake Kneale from Wiltshire won the young photographer title for his ethereal image of a spider’s web in a meadow.

Elsewhere, a droplet of water in private woodland in North Lincolnshire, and an insect peeking through a gap in a leaf were among those commended for their artistic merit.

The Long Wait by Jake Kneale taken in a Wiltshire Meadow Credit: Jake Kneale

Tracy Marsden won the social media award, which was selected by RHS's social media following.

The photograph, Lens Ball, was taken in a wood in North Lincolnshire that is predominantly ash with sycamore and oak.

Lens Ball by Tracy Marsden taken in North Lincolnshire. Credit: Tracy Marsden

The photographic competition also had numerous entries from those who are under 11 years old.

The winner of the category, Indigo Larmour, photographed a grasshopper in a garden blending with the leaves of a succulent plant near Little Petra in Jordan.

Winner of the under 11s category in the RHS photographic competition. Credit: Indigo Larmour

Among the Celebrating Gardens category, John Glover ranked highly with his photo of colourful mixed tulips.

The image was taken at the Tulip Festival at Arundel Castle in Sussex, with the Fitzalan Chapel in the background.

John Glover captured the photo during the sunset in April this year. Credit: John Glover

Judging chairman Chris Young commented: "We received thousands of entries this year from photographers both in the UK and overseas.

"The huge variety demonstrated the sheer personal interest and diversity that our gardens and plants hold for us all.

The competition was open to both professional and amateur photographers who were invited to submit images to any of the nine categories.