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British swimmer Duncan Scott refuses to share podium with 'drug cheat' Sun Yang

British swimmer Duncan Scott refused to pose with Sun Yang during their medal presentation. Credit: AP

British swimmer Duncan Scott refused to share a podium with Sun Yang during their World Championship medal ceremony, amid controversy over the Chinese athlete's doping history.

Olympic champion Yang has come under fire from a number of swimmers, with Australian swimmer Mack Horton labelling him a "drug cheat".

Earlier in the competition, Horton refused to share a podium with Sun for their 400m freestyle medal ceremony, which the Chinese swimmer won. Horton was warned by FINA, swimming's governing body, after refusing to take to the podium.

Sun Yang could be seen trying to speak to Scott. Credit: AP

Now, Scottish swimmer Duncan Scott has followed suit, refusing to step on the podium alongside Sun during their 200m freestyle ceremony on Tuesday.

Sun, who won in a time of 1:44.93, could be seen shouting at Scott, who finished joint third in a closely-fought race.

Scott refused to shake hands with Sun Yang. Credit: AP

Yang has been accused of smashing a blood sample after a doping test last year, but has been allowed to compete in the World Championships in South Korea.

He has already served a three month suspension in 2014 for taking a banned stimulant. Sun claimed at the time that this was medication for a heart problem.

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Former British Olympian Sharon Davies said Sun could be seen celebrating his win on the lane rope after the race, goading the crowd who were booing him.

Fellow Team GB swimmer Siobhan Marie O'Connor, who is also competing in South Korea, tweeted her support for Scott.

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One of Scott's coaches at Stirling, Steven Tigg, aimed barbs at Sun with his tweet.

He tweeted that his swimmer had won a "joint 'bronze'" while including the emoji of the silver place medal.