And you thought it was hot here...: Record-breaking weather across Europe as Brits bask in sun

Temperature records have been broken in Germany and the Netherlands and Paris has recorded its hottest day ever - as the second savage heatwave of summer 2019 continues to sear across Europe.

Meanwhile, a temperature of 38.1C has been recorded in Cambridge, making Thursday the second hottest day on record in the UK, according to the Met Office.

Here's how the weather looks across Europe:

A polar bear jumps into the water during an extreme hot summer at the zoo in Gelsenkirchen, Germany. Credit: AP


Paris has beaten its all-time heat record, hitting 41.7C amid a heat wave breaking barriers across Europe.

The national weather service Meteo France announced that the new record was reached Thursday afternoon, beating the previous record of 40.4C in 1947.

Paris has beaten its all-time heat record. Credit: AP

It's one of several records set in this week's heatwave, the second wave baking the continent this summer.

France made headlines last month as the country saw its hottest-ever day on record, [when a southern town reached 46C](http://Red alert in France and wildfires in Spain as heatwave continues to get worse).

The Netherlands

Dutch residents were treated to a sweltering 40.4C, according to the national weather forecasting institute.

The national temperature record was broken at Gilze-Rijen airbase on Thursday.

A tourist trying to cool herself down with a fan during Europe's intense heatwave. Credit: AP


The German Weather service confirmed a new record temperature of 41.5C has been set, topping the previous high set earlier in the day.

The meteorological service said temperatures had risen to a new national high in Bonn in western Germany and that they were expected to climb even higher in the late afternoon.

Wednesday's record was at 40.5 C (104.9 F) in Geilenkirchen near the Belgian border, the German news agency dpa said.

A boy plays in a fountain in Berlin, Germany. Credit: AP


Belgium has also set a new national heat record for the second time in as many days as temperatures shot up to 40.6C in the northeast of the country.

David Dehenauw, head of forecasting at the Royal Metereological Institute said: "New national record: 40.6 C in Kleine Brogel! Is this for real!"

Temperatures could still rocket higher, since the mark was set in the early afternoon Thursday, with several hours of blasting sunshine to go.