UK basks in hottest July day on record - but warm weather won't last long

It’s officially the hottest July day on record and with temperatures still set to soar it could be the hottest day ever recorded here in the UK.

But after days of extreme heat, temperatures will finally peak, sparking off heavy, thundery downpours.

The current hot air has come from north Africa travelling across continental Europe and has been filtering across the UK over the last few days.

People are struggling to keep cool but kids are making the most of the hot weather. Credit: PA

This hot African air will mix with air from the Atlantic tonight and the combination of very hot air with milder Atlantic air will spark off the thunderstorms.

This particular combination of weather systems can often give us a dazzling display of lightning.

Just as dramatic as the record breaking heat has been, the change in temperature may come as shock tomorrow.

Temperatures could be a least 10C lower.