Could the PM's new pooch mean goodbye to Larry the cat?

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has reportedly told staff he and his partner Carrie Symonds plan on getting a rescue dog for Number 10.

It’s a decision that might win over dog lovers, but certainly not Larry the cat.

Following a number of Cabinet resignations and demotions this week, it’s unclear whether the Chief Mouser to the Cabinet Office will also be ousted from his position once the Prime Ministerial dog is instated into Downing Street.

However, Mr Johnson could warm to Larry, as he reportedly declared peace between the feline and his furry foe from Foreign Office Palmerston.

The new PM has declared peace between two warring offices in Cabinet. Credit: PA

Larry the cat has remained a key member of Downing Street since he was rescued from an animal shelter in 2011.

He carries on a long legacy of cats in the role, with the longest Chief Mouser Wilberforce to have lasted four prime ministers, from Edward Heath to Margaret Thatcher.

While Larry's cat fights with Palmerston have become a public spectacle, his controversies are nowhere near his predecessor Humphrey, who was accused of killing four robin chicks.

Humphrey mysteriously disappeared after the arrival of the Blairs, following rumours spreading about Cherie Blair's dislike for felines.

Cherie Blair and Humphrey Credit: PA