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Corbyn 'ready' to take on Johnson in election as Swinson ‘would honour second EU vote result’

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has said he is ready to face Boris Johnson in a general election. Credit: PA

Jeremy Corbyn has said he is “not in the slightest” bit worried about going up against Boris Johnson in a general election.

The Labour leader said the party has most candidates selected in marginal constituencies and a “summer campaign plan” is in place.

Mr Corbyn said Labour also has many policy announcements ready.

Asked if he was worried about competing with Mr Johnson at the next election, Mr Corbyn told Sky’s Sophy Ridge On Sunday: “Not in the slightest. We’ll go out there and we’ll make our case.

“I don’t get involved in personal abuse, I don’t make any personal abuse, I don’t do personal, as far as I’m concerned the issues are too serious.”

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn (centre) meets people during the Durham Miners' Gala. Credit: PA

He added: “I’ve got my summer campaign plan in place, we’ve got most of our candidates selected in all our marginal constituencies.

“We have many other policy announcements in place, particularly the ones on the Green Industrial Revolution and the Green New Deal that we’re putting forward, and working out more details on our health and social care policies.

“But fundamentally it’s about reducing inequality in Britain and about investing in good quality sustainable jobs for the future through the Green Energy Revolution.”

Lib Dem leader Jo Swinson said she would recognise the result of a future vote. Credit: PA

Shortly after Mr Corbyn spoke, Jo Swinson said she would respect the result of another EU referendum – including if the public backed Brexit for a second time.

Ms Swinson, who was elected as leader of the Liberal Democrats earlier this week, said that although she would not stop campaigning for the UK to be a part of the European Union, she would recognise the public’s decision to leave if they were to vote for it again.

The Liberal Democrats have consistently called for another vote on Brexit to be held.

Jo Swinson believes there is not a majority for any specific type of Brexit. Credit: PA

Speaking on Sky News’ Sophy Ridge programme on Sunday, Ms Swinson said: “If we had a situation where we had a People’s Vote on a specific Brexit, then if there were to be a vote in that scenario in favour of a specific Brexit deal, then I would absolutely recognise that that was what the country had decided to do.

“At the moment the difference is, and the difficulty is, that I don’t think there is a majority in this country for any specific type of Brexit.

“Even the Brexiteers can’t agree among themselves – some of them say Theresa May’s deal is not good enough because it’s not ‘Brexity’ enough for them, and others who voted leave in good conscience, listening to what they were told about how they would be leaving with a deal in an orderly manner, are appalled at the thought we might be crashing out without a deal."