India's Prime Minister Narendra Modi joins Bear Grylls in episode of Man Vs Wild

One scene shows the pair making a spear together. Credit: Twitter/Bear Grylls

Celebrity survival expert Bear Grylls has been joined by the Prime Minister of India on an adventure through the country's wilderness.

In a dramatic trailer for an upcoming episode of Man Vs Wild, Mr Grylls tells Narendra Modi “you are the most important man in India, my job is to keep you alive”.

The “dynamic duo” are filmed walking through long grass, braving thick forests, making a spear, and riding a makeshift raft along a river together.

The dynamic duo braved the Indian wilderness in an unlikely adventure. Credit: PA/AP

Prime Minister Modi’s adventure hopes to raise awareness about animal conservation and environmental change.

“India - where you find lush green forests, diverse wildlife, beautiful mountains and mighty rivers,” he tweeted.

“Watching this programme will make you want to visit different parts of India and add to discourse of environmental conservation. Thanks @BearGrylls for coming here!”

Grylls responded that it was an “honour” to share the adventure with him.

He tweeted: “Let’s keep up our mission of spreading the positive message of conservation & protecting our planet.”

The show will air on Discovery India on August 12 at 9pm.