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Two US troops killed by Afghan soldier, officials confirm

U.S. Central Command has confirmed that two U.S. troops were killed, but provided no details. Credit: PA

An Afghan soldier has killed two American service members in Afghanistan on Monday, US officials have confirmed.

The officials spoke to Associated Press on condition of anonymity as they weren't authorised to speak on the record about details that have not yet been made public.

US Central Command has confirmed that two US troops were killed, but provided no details.

It says additional information is being withheld until 24 hours after notification of next of kin is complete.

Afghan security forces after a recent bombing in Kabul. Credit: AP

According to the officials, the Afghan soldier was wounded and is in custody.

The shooting took place in Kandahar in the country's south.

The US formally ended its Afghan combat mission in 2014, but still provides extensive air and other support to local forces battling the Taliban and an affiliate of the so-called Islamic State.

The Trump administration is trying to boost the capabilities of Afghan security forces and increase military pressure on the Taliban in the hope of forcing them to negotiate a peace.

However, this hasn’t stopped the US and allied forces from facing increased insider attacks in recent years.

In November, Brent Taylor, the mayor of North Ogden, Utah, and a major in the Utah National Guard, was killed by an Afghan soldier in Kabul.

The remains of Brent Taylor being carried back to his home state. Credit: PA

The last six months have seen the Taliban carry out near-daily attacks, mainly targeting Afghan security forces.

The insurgent group effectively controls around half the country.

The Taliban have rejected calls for a cease-fire even as they hold talks with the U.S.aimed at ending the 18-year war.

Meanwhile, the so-called Islamic State has launched attacks targeting security forces as well as minority Shiites.

The US has lost more than 2,400 soldiers in its longest war, and has spent more than $900 billion on everything from military operations to the construction of roads, bridges and power plants.