Chinese vlogger exposed as '58-year-old woman' after technical glitch during live stream

Your Highness Qiao Biluo was revealed to be an older woman (left) than she appears with a filter (right). Credit: Douyu / CBC

A popular Chinese vlogger who appears to be a young woman has been exposed as a 58-year-old using a filter after a technical hitch.

'Online celebrity' Your Highness Qiao Biluo, as she names herself, has attracted a large following on Chinese streaming platform Douyu, where she appears as a young woman and speaks with a "sweet and healing voice".

While live streaming a conversation with a fellow vlogger, it's believed Biluo had superimposed a cartoon image over her face, rather than changing her entire appearance.

But she failed to realise a software glitch had revealed her face until hundreds of followers left the chat room, realising she is not the young "cute Goddess" she had appeared to be.

  • Video shows Your Highness Qiao Biluo with and without the filter

It's believed Biluo would request money from followers watching her live videos and reportedly told viewers she could not reveal her face until enough money was paid.

Chinese outlet Global Times reported Biluo’s following increased from 50,000 to 673,000 overnight as a result of the blunder.

It's also reported she had begun to take advertisements for beauty cameras.

Biluo has claimed the glitch was intentional to add to her fame.

Your Highness Qiao Biluo (right) didn't realise the filter had failed while talking to a fellow vlogger. Credit: Douyu

Her account has seemingly been suspended since the stream ran on July 25.

The livestream showed Biluo in conversation with another vlogger, reported to be called Qingzi.

Biluo’s face was hidden in the video by a graphic before the glitch kicked in for some minutes, to the surprise of her original followers.