Thursday's weather: Scattered showers and sunshine but drier than in recent days

Thursday's weather Credit: Met Office

Many areas will start Thursday dry and bright with some spells of sunshine.

The far north east of Scotland will be cloudier though, with some mist and low cloud around the coasts and over the Northern Isles.

Through the day showers will develop across northern central and southern Scotland as well as the north and east of England.

These will be more scattered than on Wednesday, but there is still the possibility of some heavy bursts with the risk of hail and thundery, mainly over Scotland.

Elsewhere, it will be largely dry with plenty of sunny spells, although a fewisolated showers are possible, perhaps mostly likely in the far south west across Cornwall and Devon, but these will be light.

In the best of the sunshine temperatures will reach the low to mid-20s with a top temperature of 25 Celsius (77 F).