Plane lands on busy road after the 'engine quit'

Motorists driving along a road in Washington state were stunned when a small aircraft joined their commute on Friday.

Authorities say the small plane landed on a busy stretch south of Tacoma, Washington, after a fuel system malfunction caused the plane to stall.

David Acklam was piloting his plane to work when the “engine quit”.

He managed to take control and land the plane in between a gap of traffic, before stalling it at a red light.

State trooper Clint Thompson was nearby when the plane landed.

“I thought it was a remote control plane,” he said.

“As it continued going north, it got bigger and bigger and bigger.

“I’m looking at gaps in the road, hoping it doesn’t come down and hit a car.”

As the plane ground to a halt at the red light, Trooper Thompson knocked on the window of the cockpit to check on the pilot.

The pair then pushed the plane to a nearby parking lot.

Nobody was injured and there was no damage done.