The front pages are filled with stories from the town of Whaley Bridge, where thousands of residents were evacuated amid fears a dam could collapse.

The i leads on the unfolding flooding chaos in the Derbyshire town, saying engineers are desperately trying to save homes from 1.3 million tonnes of water.

The Daily Mirror‘s front page says 6,500 people have been told to flee Whaley Bridge as Toddbrook Reservoir appears set to burst and destroy the town.

According to The Guardian, the lobbying firm run by Boris Johnson’s close ally Sir Lynton Crosby has secretly built a network of unbranded propaganda “news” pages on Facebook for dozens of clients ranging from the Saudi government to major polluters.

The Daily Telegraph reports that Bank of England governor Mark Carney has been accused of undermining Brexit negotiations and failing to move on from Project Fear after issuing a stark warning about a no-deal Brexit, while The Independent has a different take on the same story.

The Daily Mail’s lead story reports that UK birth rates have hit an historic low amid falling fertility rates, an ageing population and increasing numbers of women leaving it until later in life to have children.

The Metro leads on the tragic story of two girls murdered by their mother.

The Times reports that a new breakthrough blood test has boosted the hopes for early recognition of and treatment for Alzheimer’s disease.

The Daily Express says “anger is mounting” over plans to make those over the age of 75 to pay for their TV licence.

The Financial Times reports that the Bank of England says there is a one-in-three chance of the economy shrinking due to Brexit.

The Sun has spoken with a pilot who says he tried to stop a British student falling from his plane in Madagascar.

And the Daily Star says a “furious” Amanda Holden has blasted scam advertisers for unlawfully using her name to flog diet pills to her fans.