Multiple killed after shooting rampage at Texas mall

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Martha Fairlie

Multiple people have died and at least 22 people have been taken to hospital after "multiple shooters" opened fire at a shopping mall in Texas.

Authorities said shots were fired at the Cielo Vista mall in El Paso on Saturday afternoon.

Police tweeted a location of the shooting, believed to be a Walmart outlet.

They said the incident had taken place over a "very large area".

One man has been arrested.

People were asked to stay away from the scene, to allow authorities to investigate.

Local hospitals are reportedly dealing with multiple victims with serious injuries, NBC reported.

The area's mayor said multiple people have lost their lives in the shooting.

The mall where the shooting has reportedly taken place. Credit: Google Street View

Olivia Zepeda, chief of staff to El Paso Mayor Dee Margo, told CNN that multiple people had been killed in the attack in or near Cielo Vista Mall in the city.

She said that suspects have been taken into custody, but was unable to say how many victims there were.

An eyewitness, Adriana, said: "I didn't see their faces. I saw them all dressed in black indistinct and they were the ones shooting because I could see their weapons and the bullets firing."

The White House said US President Donald Trump had been briefed on the shooting and had spoken to Attorney General William Barr and Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Mr Trump tweeted: "Terrible shootings in ElPaso, Texas. Reports are very bad, many killed. Working with State and Local authorities, and Law Enforcement. Spoke to Governor to pledge total support of Federal Government. God be with you all!"

El Paso, which has about 680,000 residents, is in West Texas and sits across the border from Juarez, Mexico.