'We're in full campaign mode', say Conservative MPs despite Downing Street's general election denials

  • Is the UK on its way to a general election? ITV News Political Correspondent Daniel Hewitt discusses.

Despite Downing Street's denials, I've spent the day talking to Conservative MPs and I struggled to find a single one who doesn't think there'll be an early General Election, if not this year, then certainly before next summer.

They're certainly preparing for one.

In marginal seats MPs tell me they're in "full campaign mode" - knocking on doors, getting their office in order, printing new leaflets.

"I can't see any other way out," one said.

Another described this summer as the "long campaign".

It certainly has the look and feel of one.

Boris Johnson as barely been in No10 since becoming PM. Credit: PA

Trips to Birmingham, Manchester, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland - Boris Johnson has barely been in Number 10 since moving in last week.

On Monday he was in Lincolnshire: sleeves rolled up, taking selfies with nursing staff, pledging £1.8 billion for the NHS in yet another domestic spending promise.

Labour reacted - saying its all too little too late.

These are the sights and sounds of the campaign trail.

And we've been told to expect many more announcements where Moday's came from.


Well Boris Johnson has a majority of one, in a Parliament poised to do everything it can to block a no-deal Brexit at the end of October.

The PM meeting with ambulance crews in Lincolnshire. Credit: PA

Whether by choice, or by force, a general election remains at the forefront of Downing Street's thinking.

And so rather than tour European capitals in search of a new Brexit deal or sit on the beach or go walking in Welsh hills, Boris Johnson is hammering home his domestic agenda - on the NHS, on law and order - knowing he has to win back Brexit Party voters and win over Labour ones, sooner rather than later.