Eat, Shop, Save is back on ITV on Thursday evening, and this week presenter Ranvir Singh and her team of experts are in Sunderland with the Todd family, helping them to tackle their

serious food spending habits with some healthy, cheap home-cooked recipes.

The series tasks families to eat better, get fitter and save money over the course of an eight week challenge, with the help of Ranvir and her team of experts - chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock, savvy shopper Kate Hardcastle MBE and fitness consultant Tom Pitfield.

This time around, former ‘king of the kebab’ Dan Bassett from the previous series makes an appearance to the Todds, showing them how much he’s changed his life around after the Eat, Shop, Save challenge by losing 3 stone in a year.

The Todds also receive a visit from Kate Hardcastle in the show who is able to set them on the right path to eliminating their debt with just a few easy tips.

You can catch Eat, Shop, Save on ITV and STV at 8:30pm this Thursday.

The Todds also appeared on ITV Tyne Tees on Monday, which you can watch here: