Dolphins caught on camera as they jump for tourists off Whitby coast

Dolphins spotted off the coast of Whitby Credit: Chris Guy

A pod of dolphins has been spotted off the coast of Whitby as they jumped and swam close to a group of tourists.

Chris and Emily Guy, from Birmingham, were on holiday in the Yorkshire town when they spotted the dolphins on Thursday evening.

Mr Guy told PA that the sight was a “once in a lifetime opportunity”.

According to Mr Guy, the dolphins were seen swimming in the area for around 45 minutes.

Posting in The Real Whitby Facebook Group, Mr Guy said: “Spur of the moment decision to take the boat out, and my wife and I were given a 45 minute dolphin display!”

Tourists to Whitby may be able to see the creatures off the coast, with whales, dolphins, seals and porpoises known to inhabit the area.