Man freed after being wedged between rocks in Cambodian jungle for four days

A man who was wedged between rocks in Cambodia has been rescued after being trapped for nearly four days.

Sum Bora slipped into a hole between two rocks while trying to pick up his torch, police said.

The 28-year-old was collecting bat droppings - known as guano - which can be used as fertiliser and is sold by farmers looking to increase their income.

Emergency services managed to free Mr Bora after chipping away at the rock around him for 10 hours. Credit: AP

Mr Bora's family began searching for him when he did not return after three days.

His brother found him and alerted authorities to his location in the Chakry mountain jungle in the north-western province of Battambang.

Around 200 emergency workers chipped away at the rock surrounding Mr Bora for 10 hours before he was eventually freed at 6pm on Wednesday.

Mr Bora was immediately taken to a hospital.

He was extremely weak following his ordeal and was stretchered out of the crevice.