Tories lose council seat to Lib Dems in latest local by-elections

The Liberal Democrats have narrowly defeated the Tories to take a council seat in the latest local polls, while the Conservatives regained a seat from Labour.

The Lib Dem victory came by just 56 votes in a by-election at Worcester Council in the Claines ward following the death of a Tory councillor.

Voting was: LD 1,307, C 1,251, Green 125, Lab 60. The turnout was 42.7%.

Tories regained a seat on East Northamptonshire Council by 64 votes in a contest in the Irthlingborough Waterloo ward following the resignation of a Labour councillor who had been elected previously as Conservative.

Voting was: C 542, Lab 478. Turnout 30%.

Elsewhere, Liberal Democrats easily held a seat at Cambridge (Newnham ward).

Voting was: LD 774, Lab 235, Green 149, C 143.