Mosque shooting in Norway treated as attempted terrorist attack

Police attend the scene after a shooting inside the al-Noor Islamic centre mosque Credit: Terje Pedersen/AP

Police in Norway’s capital have said the shooting at a mosque that wounded one person is being investigated as an attempted terrorist attack.

One suspect is in custody after the shooting at the Al-Noor Islamic Centre in the Oslo suburb of Baerum on Saturday.

Police said they believe no-one else was involved.

One person was wounded in the attack at the mosque. Credit: Terje Pedersen/AP

They said the alleged perpetrator is also a murder suspect in a separate case.

Oslo police official Rune Skjold told a news conference on Sunday that the suspect, a man in his 20s, has been found to hold extreme right-wing views and animosity toward immigrants.

After the shooting, police went to his residence and said they found his 17-year-old sister dead.

Police said the man is a suspect in that death.