Liverpool fan who ran into lamppost says 'it was worth it' as he met hero Mo Salah

  • Video report by ITV News Correspondent Ben Chapman

A young Liverpool fan who got knocked out after running into a lamppost said it was "really worth it" because he got to meet his hero, Mo Salah.

Louis Fowler ran straight into the post as he and his brother, Isaac, chased after the Liverpool forward's Bentley, as it left the club's Melwood training ground on Saturday.

He was left with a broken and bloodied nose and was drifting in and out of consciousness when Salah turned up at his home near the training ground to check he was OK.

Louis told ITV News he "bounced off" the lamppost when he ran head-on into it and was "briefly knocked out".

Louis and Isaac had been chasing after Salah's Bentley when the collision with the lamppost happened. Credit: ITV News

The 11-year-old thought he was in a daze when he saw the Liverpool forward.

"I was crying and trying to smile because I was happy that I met Mo Salah, because he is my hero," Louis told ITV News.

"I was so happy but at the same time I was in so much pain, so I was crying and smiling.

"It's like he has divine powers [because the pain went away]...I think the picture really helped me though."

Louis' brother, Isaac, broke down when he met his Liverpool hero, Mo Salah. Credit: Joe Cooper

Louis and his brother had spent their summer holidays waiting outside the ground they live near, hoping to spot their football heroes.

But the unfortunate collision between Louis and the lamppost left Isaac sprinting back home to alert their parents about what had happened.

The young Reds fan was carried home by people who had seen the incident and to everyone's amazement Salah's car pulled up outside the boys' home and the footballer got out to check on Louis.

Louis' stepfather Joe Cooper told ITV News: "We see this car pull round the corner and everyone's heads were turned straight away. People realised who it was straight away.

"Isaac was in hysterics any way, bit worried about his brother and he just broke down...ran straight up to Mo to give him a hug, crying his eyes out.

"Louis was just in a daze, he must have thought he was dreaming after the knock that he just took but he came round and just saw the pain go away, it was crazy.

"Once he had the hug with Salah, and had the picture, he was made up. It completely changed the end of his day."

Louis described his hero as "true" and "kind-hearted" with a "nice personality" who "never breaks promises."

After posing for pictures with his hero, Louis was taken to Alder Hey Children's Hospital to have his nose re-set and share his story with staff and patients.