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False teeth found in man's throat eight days after they went missing during minor operation

An X-ray of the dentures lodged in a 72-year-old man's larynx. Credit: BMJ Journals

A 72-year-old man who went to hospital complaining of a sore throat was found to have his pair of false teeth that had gone missing eight days earlier stuck in his larynx.

The retired electrician had undergone a minor operation to remove a benign abdominal wall lump, but returned to A&E six days later coughing up blood and with a throat so painful he had been unable to swallow solid food since being under general aesthetic.

Doctors treated him for a lower respiratory tract infection and discharged him with antibiotics and mouthwash.

But it soon became apparent he had been brushed off and he was forced to return to A&E two days later with worsening pain in his throat, still coughing up blood and with a hoarse breathy voice.

The false teeth were lost during a minor operation. Credit: BMJ Journal

He couldn't even swallow the medication he was discharged with and had to sleep upright on the sofa as he found it difficult to breathe when lying down.

Believing he had pneumonia, the pensioner was given another chest X-ray, only for it to reveal an object lying across his vocal cords and pressing against a part of the throat.

On explaining the problem to the patient, he revealed his dentures had been lost during his general surgery admission eight days earlier.

Further X-rays revealed the foreign body to be just that. He was taken to the emergency theatre where surgeons fought tooth and nail to remove the dentures using forceps.