Eat, Shop, Save is back on ITV this Thursday evening, and this week presenter Ranvir Singh and her team of experts are in Bolton with the Vasta family, where new Dad Vik urgently needs to get his health back under control for the future of his young son.

The series tasks families to eat better, get fitter and save money over the course of an eight week challenge, with the help of Ranvir and her team of experts - chef and nutritionist Dale Pinnock, savvy shopper Kate Hardcastle MBE and fitness consultant Tom Pitfield.

Dale Pinnock helps the Vastas sort out their portion control, as like many families the Vastas have trouble balancing the healthy parts of their meal from the unhealthy parts. Kate Hardcastle joins to show them just how much money they are spending per week on takeaways and quick bites - which could save them over £40,000 if they were to cut these out for 10 years.

Tom Pitfield kicks the couple into gear to get into shape, with a range of exercises for both Vik and Sonal that work around their schedules, and can get baby Mihan involved too.

You can catch Eat, Shop, Save on ITV and STV at 8:30pm this Thursday.